Executive Coaching : catalyst for powerful leadership

About the Program: 

A program for C-level Executives and senior leaders whether recently promoted or already well established.

Our focus areas include

Coaching for results – increased productivity, time management

Enhanced emotional management – conflict management and team management

Personal Transformation – creativity, self-awareness, growth mindset

This program is a “catalyst for powerful leadership” to achieve business results.

Existing Patterns

  • This is not my job 
  • There is no growth in this company 
  • What is the sales team doing? 
  • I am not appreciated 


  • I am responsible for my organization’s growth 
  • The values of the organization are my values 
  • My job is to give my best every day, so that my team is inspired by me 
  • Success of others is something to learn from 

The module of the Program is designed around the following results: 

  • Clarity in thinking 
  • Customer Delight 
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Managing change 
  • Great place to work 
  • Attract best Talent 
  • Effective Communication 

Leadership and Management Development : velocity with values

About the Program: 

training program for management teams including department heads and high potential managers earmarked for leadership roles. 

Our focus areas include:  

Employee Engagement  shift from satisfied employee to engaged employee, connect with Vision- Mission-Values of the organisation 

Effective Delegation – increased productivity, team growth 

Collaboration – conflict management, effective intervention 

This program is a “catalyst for boundary-less behaviour”. It allows for defining, driving and measuring actions that demonstrate velocity in delivering results. 

Existing Patterns

  • I am in this particular role only 
  • Management does not support risk-taking 
  • The value of our department is not recognized
  • I am paid below market benchmark


  • I am a problem-solver for my organisation
  • Creativity and positive attitude are celebrated
  • I lead by example for mentoring and people development
  • I am a part of high-potential development

The module of the Leadership Development Program is designed around the following results:

  • Mindfulness
  • Straight Communication
  • Focus on Results
  • Productivity
  • Demonstration of Values
  • Ownership and Responsibility
  • Management by delegation

Diversity and inclusivity : best blend for business

About the Program:

The program aims at identifying the impact of diversity upon the beliefs, fears and expectations of employees.

A training program for all employees across the organisation.

Our focus areas include:

Inclusivity – perception management, recognizing bias (owing to age, gender, race, religion, language, colour, geography, culture, beliefs or any other bias)

Brand Image – ensuring differences are leveraged, perception management, people development

Compliance – defining policy, structure, communication and process for grievance redressal

Transform differences from “barriers to benefits”.

Existing Patterns

  • People from X part of the country are not trustworthy 
  • The policy and practice is complicated 
  • I do not feel safe in my organisation 
  • Appearances are more important 


  • My organisation is people-centric
  • I am super proud of my organizational policies and practices
  • I am the brand ambassador of equality in my organisation
  • I am confident of fairness in all dealings

The module of the training program is designed around the following results:

  • Create an inclusivity culture and market image
  • Clearly stated policy and organizational practices
  • Demonstrate leadership commitment
  • Effective information dissemination for diversity related practices
  • Employer of choice
  • Positive employee perception
  • Balanced score-card management