Dismantling old Unproductive Habits | Where to Begin?

Can a couple of 2-hour life-coaching sessions actually alter lifelong habits of corporate employees?

We recently had the opportunity to start working with Genus Power Infrastructures Limited. They are a wonderful bunch of people and we are privileged to work with them through our ongoing online programs.

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Validation Seekers to Meaning Seekers

A person who is doing an act either in the anticipation of the reaction (mostly positive) or on completion of the act, expect the reaction. The expected reaction is not mere expectation, but it is actually validation or confirmation. And most of us fall in this category.

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Do Goals Limit your Success

If you are not living in a rabbit hole, am sure you would have heard about “Goals”/ “Goal setting” and how important they are.
Today let us explore the other dimension of Goals – Do they limit your success?

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Biology of Bliss

The Oxford dictionary defines bliss as “perfect happiness”. So, that raises an important question – What is imperfect about happiness?

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Self Awareness

So leaders pick up a combination of these styles and tend use them as a formula for most situations. This is not deliberate, but it just becomes a default way of doing things. This default way will work sometimes, but not every time. As they say, situations and circumstances are constantly changing, which means that Leaders will have to change.

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