Medha Chaturvedi

Medha Chaturvedi has an innate commitment towards enlightening the lives of people and igniting their minds which, allows people to live the life they want. She is now on this journey through Neuroscience-Based Life Coaching at NeoPatterns, Jaipur for which she was recently awarded the Significant Contribution Award on 31st March 2019 at FemCon 2019 in Jaipur National University.  

A postgraduate in Financial Analysis and Control and an alumnus of MGD Girls School, she has worked in companies like Infosys BPO Ltd., Global talent Track Pvt. Ltd., Axis Bank and Sprint Financial Consultants Ltd.  

As a Life Coach, she lives by her words and states that her key to success is respecting and loving people to build deeper bonds and stronger relationships.  

Her coachees say that she offers authenticity and commitment to them. She completely gets coachees by just being there in the moment and providing them actionable access. One of the testimonials she received is as follows:  

“After Coaching, now, whenever I am in a dilemma, I find myself automatically searching for answers in my recollection of her word. When in doubt, I find telling myself that it is just a trick that the design of my brain is playing on me. I know better, I know exactly what I want and what to do about it. Clouds of doubt part, I can see the sun in all its clarity. I can access its warmth, its direction. I can… turns to I will… turns to I must. Wow! I’m back in charge of my actions. I’m back creating my universe. The one I desire…”  

In addition, she keeps learning and growing and says that “Life is right now!”  

The basic mantra of her life is “For, you can give only what you have”.