“For you can only give, what you have!”

Coaching people to become the best version of themselves, is a huge privilege for me.

Holding someone’s hands and guiding them across their barriers is something I do to live my passion which is my profession too.

And, this job comes with a responsibility. For me to make this contribution in people’s lives through brain-based conversations, I must constantly apply them on myself. 

I realized this while working on the course curriculum for ‘NeoPatterns’. The more I delved into learning the design of the human brain, the further I got to see my own shortcomings clearly impelling me to work on them. 

In essence, coaching is actually a demonstration of “who you are”. For example, you can’t coach someone to be punctual, if you are yourself struggling to be on time.

For me to be able to make a difference in my Coachee’s life, I have to imbibe the principles and values that my Coachees then “live and breathe” to be their best version.

This is also one of my biggest driving forces behind coaching people. It gives me the opportunity to continually work on myself and expand my horizon.

This inner work is an ongoing process and can sometimes be frustrating. But, there are times when I feel that being oblivious to my own apprehensions and barriers was maybe better. 

तब भी रूठते मनाते, जैसे तैसे, ज़िन्दगी चल तो रही ही थी ना…

Life seemed easy when I didn’t really question myself and lacked self-awareness.

But as with anything, one gets better with practice. We begin to embrace this process of self-evaluation and reflection.

The bottom line is “For you can only give, what you have!”

So join me in reflecting and seeing for yourself, if you have a similar situation in your life.

Look at your close relationships, (with your spouse, your kids or your business partner), your growth, your health. 

Evaluate, what is an important area of your life where a gap exists between your expectations and your own actions?

Share the area of your life where you see a gap and we will walk you through the actions you can take to bridge the gap.

Leave your comments and answers here.

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