Diversity and inclusivity ; best blend for business

About the Program: 

The program aims at identifying the impact of diversity upon the beliefs, fears and expectations of employees.   

A training program for all employees across the organisation.  

Our focus areas include:  

Inclusivity – perception management, recognizing bias (owing to age, gender, race, religion, language, colour, geography, culture, beliefs or any other bias) 

Brand Image – ensuring differences are leveraged, perception management, people development 

Compliance – defining policy, structure, communication and process for grievance redressal 

Transform differences from “barriers to benefits”. 

Existing Pattern

  • People from X part of the country are not trustworthy 
  • The policy and practice is complicated 
  • I do not feel safe in my organisation 
  • Appearances are more important 

Neo Patterns

  • My organisation is people-centric
  • I am super proud of my organizational policies and practices
  • I am the brand ambassador of equality in my organisation
  • I am confident of fairness in all dealings

The module of the Leadership Development Program is designed around the following results:

  1. Create an inclusivity culture and market image
  2. Clearly stated policy and organizational practices
  3. Demonstrate leadership commitment
  4. Effective information dissemination for diversity related practices
  5. Employer of choice
  6. Positive employee perception
  7. Balanced score-card management

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