Aparna Saini

Aparna Saini has a zeal to empower others to achieve their goals, maximize their potential and live a limitless life. Her passion is to bring smile on everyone’s face. She is currently pursuing her passion to become a world-class coach and corporate trainer at the Neuroscience and Context based coaching organisationNeoPatterns. 

She has done her graduation in Biotechnology and M.B.A in HR and has 5+ years of professional experience in the field of HR in companies like Whatfix and Illusions4Real.  

During her professional life, she has various accomplishments to her credit including: 

  • HR Surveys on Employee satisfaction and performance appraisals 
  • Conducting and analysing Training Need Analysis (TNA) 
  • Laying down structures and processes on – On-boarding new hires, Skip Level Meetings, one – on – one’s, etc.  

In addition to the above, she has  

  • Mentored colleagues and teams in Financial Planning 
  • Coached people on “How to handle stress at work” 
  • Coached people on various issues related to their personal & professional lives 

She has a firm belief that all human beings are similar at the core and can create miraculous results by creating partnerships and identifying their barriers and taking massive actions. 

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar 

The basic mantra of her life is to always “BE IN ACTION”.