The very thought of a New Pattern is the first glimpse of a

New Mindset | New You

Pattern – a particular way that something is often done or repeated: like brushing your teeth. At NeoPatterns, we lead programs and coach people on developing 
new patterns of performance

New patterns lead to new ways of thinking  

New ways of thinking lead to New You

The new patterns of performance that we have delivered

  • Senior leaders and management team of a key utilities company implemented “on-time arrival” at work as a NeoPattern and successfully demonstrated it through new actions. 
  • Faculty of a private educational institution adopted a NeoPattern for sustained practice  of submitting research papers, thus increasing market presence and value  
  • By demonstrating active listening as a NeoPattern, the management team of a public power distribution company achieved reduction in customer complaints 
  • The HoDs of pivotal State government technology function truly accepted “Boundary-less support for cross-departmental initiatives through their NeoPattern  
  • 35 new initiatives were adopted by the Leadership Team of a traditionally managed company by creating a NeoPattern for collaboration 
  • At a rapidly growing Unicorn: Members of Leadership Team apologized for the individual actions that had damaged teamwork.  They took open communication across levels as a NeoPattern for pursuing their vision for growth 
  • An entrepreneur took on delegation as a NeoPattern to make a sizeable impact on productivity, reduced debt and achieve desired work-life balance 
  • business family that attended our Family Coaching program discovered that the NeoPatterns of treating each member as peaceful, resourceful, humble opened the doors to new levels of bonding and growth in their personal as well as professional life. 
  • An attendee of a Young Adult program subsequently turned entrepreneur and a trusted aide in his father’s business by replacing his exiting habits with NeoPatterns “I am organized, confident, charming and persuasive”. Through demonstration, he surpassed his own expectations as a professional stylist, businessman and a fitness coach.  

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